It all started when an old, wiry, erudite – even omniscient sage. with a long with beard – whiter than mid-winter snow in the Midwest, climbed atop Mount Asgard and bellowed out in a booming, ear-splitting, earth-shattering voice “Avengers Assemble!”.
Okay our story isn’t nearly as exciting as that, plus I’m fairly confident no one in our ragtag motley gang of self-proclaimed “sleep experts” has even seen any of the Avenger movies, but I digress. We are all childhood friends, one of whom worked in the R&D department at a prominent, global mattress company while another became a neurologist. And immediately after our R&D expert-pal left his cushy, gainful job in San Mateo, CA and returned to India, he realized that he hadn’t left behind his unwavering love for and interest in mattresses. So, he called on his sleep specialist and – and let’s be kind to some of them (they know who they are) – “readily available” friends to create a blog that rates different mattresses impartially and empirically – as opposed to a number of other blogs that are solely out there to make a quick buck out of different mattress companies.
Those affronts to real non-profits that are out here to help consumers make informed choices are the only sources of mattress reviews in India – unlike other countries where renowned nonprofits like the Consumers Association in the UK and or Consumer Federation of America in, you know, Murica, give consumers sound, objective advice that helps them make well-informed purchase choices. To redress this, we created this blog.


Although not necessarily what we intended to from the outset, we’ve used a trial and error method to come up with a final, cut and dried test framework that we put every single mattress through to come up with an expansive, all-encompassing take on each mattress. We try to give a chronological account of our time with these mattress while testing – starting with buying the mattress and ending with bidding sometimes painful adieu to the mattress as it moves on to the nest phase of its life – at an NGO or at a recycling facility.