Based out of Frankfurt am Main, launched in 2015 by a serial entrepreneur and a former McKinsey consultant, the popularity of Emma mattress quickly snowballed in western Europe, with their “Original” mattress becoming the most talked about “bed-in-a-box” product in the U.K. and a handful of other countries by late 2017.
The “bed-in-a-box” concept was a brainchild of machinist Bill Bradley from Johnson City, TN, who wanted to save consumers from the drudgery of schlepping mattresses from bedding stores to their homes, and popularized by companies like Tuff & Needle and Caspers in the early 2000s.
Seeing the exploding popularity of “bed-in-a-box” companies in India, Emma Mattress entered the fray in early 2019, and with their tried-and-tested and multiple award winning Emma Original mattress, they have essentially blown the competitors completely out of the water when in comes to build quality and comfort. And in an effort to find their footing in the Indian market, as of now, they are being very aggressive with their price and are selling their mattress at a loss!

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Emma Original Layers

The Emma mattress is primarily made out of three different layers –

Airgocell foam layer – This highly breathable layer, invented by Emma’s in-house engineering team, has certain gel-like properties and is extremely agreeable to the skin. It has an open pore structure that helps in regulating air moisture and allowing the proper amount of circulation, which in turn helps in dissipating heat and keeping you cool throughout the notoriously uncomfortable Indian summer.

Visco elastic memory foam layer – Designed to improve elasticity and relieve pressure – is a popular layer among mattress manufacturers in the west as it gives you a snug and cozy feel facilitates proper spinal alignment while you sleep.

Supportive HRX base foam layer – This cold foam layer provides support for your body and regulates all the heat within the mattress. This layer evenly distributes your body weight to counter increased pressure at your key pressure point and offers you complete body support.
Another thing about the construction that is worth mentioning are the number of cut outs directly underneath where the parts of the body that exert the most amount of pressure would be – your shoulders, elbows, hips etc. This little detail is unique to the Emma Mattress in India and it helps in taking pressure off your spine.

Emma Mattress Review

So, we’ve been testing a lot of mattresses and some of us even have had to rope in our friends or our partners to get more of a balanced view on what the mattress feels like for people with a wide variety of body types, sleep habits and preferences. And although a number of us aren’t sleep engineers or sleep neurology experts – we have tried to be at least semi-scientific and strictly empirical and objective with our research to give the best possible buying advice available online. And if you value our work and expertise, there’s only one memory foam mattress that we could put on the tippy top of our list and truly recommend – and it’s Emma mattress.


The arrival of our test unit – we ordered our Emma on the company website – – in the middle of an unbelievably and unbearably hot heat wave spell in late May on a Thursday and the mattress arrived two days later in a relatively small blue box and it was fairly easy to carry it to our admittedly poky, cramped office on the second floor.
On to unboxing – it comes with some literature that we lobbed away with our other recyclables – as it’s fairly straight forward to open and unroll the mattress. Once unrolled, the handbook (that we did skim through before tossing it in the bin) had specified that we needed to wait for a few hours after it was opened (which, is not nearly as specific as we like our instructions to be), but ours was ready after just an hour and a half. And praise be, it had no smell! The signature chemical whiff that we’ve become accustomed to, wasn’t there at all! First big tick for us!

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First few sleep tests

Right, I have already touched on the kind of days we were testing the mattresses on – parching, scorching, sweaty, searing – those were literally the hottest days we have experienced this year and joy of joys – the first noticeable quality that we really would like to thank the Emma product excellence and engineering team for is how coolly we slept! Even with the ACs on full, things were fairly warm but the unfortunate ones who had to stay in the office overnight were raving on and on about not waking up to sweat puddles under their bellies – for the pudgy ones – or arms, hips or shoulders around 3 AM. Most of us were able to sleep through the night while others had non-mattress related interruptions in their sleep. Another big thumbs up for the Emma Mattress!

Next few nights – testing motion transfer

To judge how the Emma Mattress coped with motion transfer, couple of the team members brought in their partners and we asked them to do whatever they could to bounce their partners clean off the bed (with one couple taking things a bit too seriously). Upshot – the Emma Mattress did its makers proud!
Our tester did everything with exaggerated effort – rolling around while the other slept, got in and out of the bed as violently as they could – not a single couple reported enough reverberations from their partners’ shenanigans that disturbed them. Movement was exceedingly smooth and nobody gave an account of a situation when they became wedged into their position. Here are a couple of tests we filmed during the day to test just how well the Emma Mattress absorbs the most unnecessarily forceful movements that anyone can make in bed – jumping on it as though their life depended on it.
As you can see in the following videos, our overly enthusiastic friend could not knock over the bottles or the book balanced on the head on one of our more demure friends.



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Testing firmness

Perhaps the one major grievance that memory foam manufacturers are bound to hear about from Indian customers is firmness. So, we tried to make the tests as exhaustive as we could. And the Emma Original, we thought. Might have a handicap as it is the same product that is being sold in over 20 countries – where softer, cushier mattresses are the norm. Thankfully, when it comes to firmness, the Emma mattress happens to be one of those mattresses that we would rate more towards medium than soft.
To get a balanced, more empirical rating on the firmness, we used leftover sweats from Eid-ul-Fitr as bribe to bring in our friends (four male, five females, ranging from 45 to 102 kgs in weight) to have a lie down. And as we had expected, all but one rated it closer to medium, with only our biggest chum rating it lower than 4 on our 10-point scale (with one being mattress equivalent of a marshmallow cloud and ten being as unforgivingly hard as a mattress can get.

Emma Mattress – testers’ firmness rating

Then we moved on to the weight test (below) where we brought out our 15kg medicine ball and 20kg kettlebell to test how the mattress would react to a large amount of pressure applied over a larger surface area, as is the case when we sit down, and smaller area, which for example is when put our knee first on the mattress as we climb up on the bed, respectively.

Emma Mattress – medicine ball test

As you can see, there is some give in the mattress, as is usual for all memory foam mattresses but the structural integrity of the mattress is visibly better than virtually all other memory foam mattresses we have tested.
Our final test involved a spinal alignment test where we brought out our trusty laser pointer to show how supportive the mattress is – the straighter the spinal alignment, the more ideal the sleeping posture is. As our test showed (pictured below) –

Emma mattress – spinal alignment test

As you can see, the Emma Mattress fared better than any of the other mattresses we have tested thus far (for reference, see other reviews) so it gets biggest thumbs up it has gotten so far as this test showed just how well the Emma Mattress supports our body.

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How the customers rate the Emma mattress

The Emma mattress hit Indian shores a relatively short while ago, so the review count is on the lower side of the average across our ranking. But still, as of this writing, they have well over 100 reviews on their website and in mere tens on Amazon (as they just recently started selling their products on there) – and so far, so good. The average rating on their own website is 4.6 stars and an incredible 4.9 on their Amazon product page – which currently is considerably higher than any other major mattress maker on the website, which is a truly remarkable feat.

Closing Remarks

It was a bitter sweet end of our time with the Emma mattress for all but one lucky one of us who got to take our test mattress home with them, but we know we’ll all turn to Emma when the time will come for us to purchase a mattress. Its price is slightly higher than the average but taking into account what you get for your money – 11 year warranty, a 100 night no questions asked trial and years’ worth of comfortable nights – it’s more than well worth the money you’ll spend on it.
Final verdict – With great build quality, unequaled comfort and cooling – the Emma mattress is hands down the best mass production mattress that you can currently buy in India.

Pros –
Unparalleled cooling
Exceptional comfort and build quality
11 years warranty
Zero motion transfer
Availability of machine washable mattress protector
Free delivery and returns

No next day delivery