Flo was founded as a result of many problems that come hand in hand with the process of buying a mattress in India – ten mattress types, fifty mattress brands, hundred retailers, thousand opinions.
The founders Gaurav Zatakia and Kshitij Rihal aim to make the mattress shopping process simpler, cheaper, less cumbersome and easy to understand for the average Indian. It does so by offering two variants of the same mattress, custom sizes, free returns, 100 day trial, direct-to-customer business model and fast customer service.

Layers in the Flo Ergo mattress

The Ergo variant of the mattress comprises of 2 layers:

Top Layer- This layer is made of gel infused temperature sensitive memory foam, which not only responds to your weight but also your body temperature and moulds itself to take the shape of your body; this means that the foam under the heavier parts of your body – hips and shoulders – compresses more than the foam under the lighter parts of your body – head, neck, legs – ensuring that you feel cradled through the night. It creates a feeling of weightlessness, almost like floating on water.

Base Layer- No details mentioned.

Cover – The mattress also comes with a soft cover made up of cashmere and 3D spacer fabrics (What is that?!). Apparently, the cashmere fabric helps in moving away heat from the body and towards the 3D spacer periphery which then disperses the heat away from the mattress, ensuring that you sleep comfortably in the scorching North Indian summer. The cover is washable – pretty standard these days.

Flo Ergo review

Though featuring in this list comprising of mattress giants, Flo fails to level with them. Even though it comes with extra ordinary features such as ‘aloe vera gel infused cover’ or ‘reversible’, it doesn’t compare to other memory foam mattresses which we’ve tested before. Though it claims that it leads to ‘’80% less tossing and turning’’, that was not the case for us. Overall, we would give it a score of 7 (bleh).


The arrival of the mattress was standard – mattress being vacuum packed a box. The box is white with unpacking instructions already drawn on it – very convenient. However, the delivery took much longer than what they’d promised us on the website. After many calls to their customer service, which they uphold as one of their ‘stars’, the mattress was finally delivered to us after 3 weeks.

Sleep test

Flo seemed like a great mattress for the first few nights until we developed a back pain. For a mattress that targets office going professionals who sit infront of the computer all day long, Flo doesn’t deliver. The aloe vera gel in the mattress also couldn’t keep the mattress cool as we woke up feeling very warm and sweaty. To buy a mattress which is only suited for winters at this price is not the most convenient option. However, the mattress surprisingly is very supportive and provides cushioning in all the right places.

How firm is it?

Flo claims its mattress is ‘medium firm’ and gives a score of 6/10 to its top layer and 8/10 to its base layer on the firmness scale where 1 is ‘soft as cotton’ and 10 ‘hard as concrete’. However, we felt that the mattress is more on the softer side than the opposite. The mattress sunk in when we sat on it and is definitely more bouncy than we’d expect from a medium firm mattress. For a person who’s looking for a firm mattress, Flo comes across as misleading.

Concluding remarks

Flo is rated quite highly by customers on Amazon, but most of the critical reviews seem to mention the same pain points as ours. Flo comes across as a very good mattress if one doesn’t consider what it claims. But as soon as you start testing the mattress on the parameters that it promises, you end up getting disappointed.

Final verdict: Decent mattress for the price offered.

– Decent price
– 100 day trial

– Free returns and refunds
– Good body support

– Poor cooling
– Slow customer service
– Too soft