KurlON Luxurino Review

Kurl-On initially began their journey as Karnataka Consumer Products Limited which was founded way back in 1962 by a revolutionary leader called Mr Ramesh Pal. Since then, they have managed to grow by leaps and bounds and always added many milestones along the way.The organization has developed and now fabricates sleeping pads in 126 unique arrangements. Skillet India, they have cooperated with a system including in excess of 7000 merchants, 70 branch and stock focuses, and 9 deliberately found assembling offices crosswise over Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Gujarat. With best in class innovation, these elements keep on improving the benchmarks in the sleeping cushion industry and serve the developing Indian populace.


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Kurl On “Luxurino” Design:

High Tensile Pocket spring with MSI technology provides more bounce with Zero partner disturbance. Helical border wire support avoids spring ageing & maintains mattress shape. PU foam with side support comfort layer with anti-skid fabric to avoids mattress sagging in the sides. Springs with High density PU foam layers on top & bottom for extra spine support. Pillow Top with memory foam quilting that molds to the body shape and controls body temperature by ensuring extra comfort. Mattress crafted to perfection with knitted tapestry Italian design tailored with anti-bed bug thread locked by web tape finish.


The Kurl On Mermaid comes with 10 years of warranty. However, the Company doesn’t offer its customers free trial policy. As with Emma, wakefit and sundayrest, they offer customers the opportunity to try all their mattresses for 100 days before deciding whether to keep it or not. Their Customer Service can be reached by phone and email.


Kurl-On is one of the oldest brands selling mattresses in India and has been able to garner customer trust over the years. The mattress offers good competition to the top rated mattresses in terms of price and technology used, however offering no trial period to its customers proves to be a major put off.┬áThat’s why we have chosen to deduct points!